Costantini Museum


Buenos Aires / Argentina


Set in a distant location by the ocean, this competition design provides a summary of ARTEC´s recent preoccupations. From concept to detail, this is an assembly of box-like forms whose character is determined by their function and construction. Along the front façade, a series if recessions reduce the floor span and locate window and door openings to the two lower floors. Along the back wall, a parallel band locates the main stairs and the vertical services. The basement and ground floors are in concrete: element in nature, they provide an undercroft to the main galleries above, which are steel-framed and continuously clad. Like a Russian doll, the gallery for temporary exhibitions sits within the outer walls of the permanent collection. The north-facing roof lights admit an even light in the upper gallery whilst, in the gallery below, direct sunlight illuminates the upper section of the surrounding walls.

(Peter Allison)

international competition

Team ARTEC Architekten
Bettina Götz+Richard Manahl

photography: Gerald Zugmann (model)