attic addition Grangasse

Vienna 15


Three new stories were placed on top of a three-story corner building dating to the Gründerzeit. Taking the allowable envelope as point of departure – as specified by the building code – by making cutouts and leaving parts unbuilt, we developed a framework for distinctive apartments and a diffuse silhouette. Consequently, on the top two levels are two-story freestanding houses accompanied by a continuous garden; a two-story apartment with a corner window; and additional distinctively cut apartments with large outdoor spaces.

Neuraum R/H GmbH

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Josef Schröck, Jun Wook Song
Lisa Mayr, Emmanuel Parkmann, Héctor Farré Cortada
models: Melanie Aichinger, Philipp Feldbacher, Alexandar Marinov, Isabel Messner, Carlotta Ridolfo

Matthäus Proskawetz
ARTEC Architekten (models)

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structural enigneering: zt-moser Ziviltechniker-Gmbh, St.Pölten
building services: BPS Engineering, Vienna
building physics: zt-moser Ziviltechniker-Gmbh, St.Pölten

start of planning: 2015
start of construction: 2016
completion: 2018

plot area: 555,42 m²
built-up area: 501,62 m²
gross floor area: 1.020,70 m²
effective floor area : 796 m²
enclosed space: 8.759 m³