New Bauhaus in Weimar


Weimar / Germany


The response to an ambitious project to build a new museum for the contents of the Bauhaus, directly beside one of the most striking manifestations of the Third Reich, does not attempt to repair the urban design or to establish a distance by means of the new building. Instead, an autonomous form that is raised above the terrain and brings together the differences in level at the edge to the park can, possibly  take its place amidst a still overpoweringly present neighbourhood: a circular continuous system of spaces whose topography is connected spirally beneath the main level.

international competition

Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Josef Schröck

model: Carl Auböck, Gül Cakar

photography: ARTEC Architekten (model)