extension of the U2 metro line across the Danube

competition together with Hermann Czech

Vienna 22


The extension to the U2 metro line leads from areas of central Vienna through densely developed Gründerzeit (19th century) districts with ambivalent qualities to a less well-defined “inner periphery” and, finally, to development areas on the city’s outer periphery.

The development of the architectural language used for the buildings of the Vienna metro system does not attempt to be ingratiating – “closeness to the people” is more likely to be achieved through restraint and reserve. Nor does it follow formal trends – technical credibility tends to result more from calmness and a self-evident quality.

The design of the interior does not create streamlined spaces but defined, individually understandable elements and objects.

(text: Hermmann Czech)


Wiener Linien

ARTEC Architekten together with Architekt Hermann Czech

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Andreas Baumgartner, Marie-Theres Holler, Maria Kirchweger, Ronald Mikolics, Michael Werner, Ivan Zdenkovicz

Team Architekt Hermann Czech:
Anna-Marija Dufils-Meniga, Thomas Roth, Georg Übelhör