developers' competition, fixed starter, together with wimmerundpartner and raum & kommunikation

Vienna 22


Arranged in five longitudinal layers, the urban design interprets the requirements of the zoning plan with a dense arrangement of slender towers in an arbitrary, but also strictly rational sequence of circulation zones, volumes of usable floor area, and private outdoor spaces. These vertical layers are defined by the horizontal decks of a building system. The amount of horizonal outdoor space (loggias and balconies, access decks and roof terraces) is distributed evenly and continuously throughout the entire building structure.

Each living and work unit has privileged access to a private outdoor area that is unusually large for social housing. The transition between inside to outside on the transparent long facades of the buildings is flowing, each apartment is more than ¼  bigger than its enclosed area in plan.

With its open platform construction system that does not have load-bearing panels or external walls, the building system offers the basis for a permanent (hybrid ) functional and convertible building structure. Most of the units have a clear ceiling height of 2.80 metres or greater. The building can be used for almost every kind of standard function, up to maximum size, open spatial structures within the given thermal envelope, and also allows storeys that are completely open, if required.


Text: SMAQ

developers' competition

Österreichisches Siedlungswerk

overall project and general planning:
SMAQ GmbH (ARTEC Architekten, wup wimmerundpartner ZT GmbH, raum & kommunikation GmbH)

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
project management: Johannes Giselbrecht
Jun Wook Song, Josef Schröck, Héctor Farré Cortada, Patrick Pregesbauer, Michael Hafner, Michael Murauer, Gerda Polig, Björn Wilfinger
Sedef Kücükandac, Matthias Numberger, Dragana Gavric, Ceren Görgün, Emanuel Spurny,Christian Kellner
model: Esther Eichhorn, Matthias Numberger, Emanuel Spurny

under construction

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landscape planning: Carla Lo, Vienna
structural engineering: Werkraum, Vienna
building services: dp - Gebäudetechnik GmbH, Vienna
building physics: Ingenierbüro Wilhelm Hofbauer, Vienna
fire protection: Kunz - Die innovativen Brandschutzplaner, Mödling

start of planning: 2018
start of construction: 2021
completion:  2022

plot area: 14.600 m2
gross floor area above ground: 30.282 m2
effective floor area: 24.210 m2