In der Wiesen Süd housing complex

developers' competition, 1st prize, together with Dietrich  | Untertrifaller Architekten

Vienna 23


In keeping with our assessment that holds that density should be compensated for with added value, based on a preliminary study, a development concept was produced founded on the creation of porosity and of empty space. The ground-floor zone is designated a public space, while the upper levels are reserved for private use. To provide the minimized apartment floor plans with additional qualities, we conceived of the building such that a ribbon of loggias – with fronting balconies and extensive glazing – flanking all its sides creates a permeable at­mosphere in the densely built-up fabric.

developers' competition,
1st prize

Heimbau  &  Altmannsdorf und Hetzendorf

overall project togehter with Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
project management: Björn Wilfinger
Emmanuel Parkmann, Gerda Polig, Jun Wook Song
Gül Cakar, Irene Carlés Gaspar, Stephan Lechner, Lisa Mayr, Josef Schröck
Gustavo Alvarez Avamilano, Héctor Farré Cortada, Sandra Crisafulli, Giulia Drago, Philip Feldbacher, Alexandar Marinov, Isabell Messner
Gerda Polig; Johannes Giselbrecht, Emmanuel Parkmann, Jun Wook Song

Lukas Schaller

1st prize, Viennese Housing Award 2019
nomination, Clients' Award of the ZV 2019

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landscape planning: Auböck + Kárász, Vienna
structural engineering, building services: Dr. Ronald Mischek ZT GmbH, Vienna
building physics: Kern + Ingenieure, Vienna

start of planning: 2013
start of construction: 2016
completion: 2017

plot area: 12.324 m² (overall project ARTEC / DUA)
built-up area: 3.564 m²
gross floor area: 15.349 m²
enclosed space 50.814 m³ (overall project ARTEC / DUA)

159 apartments, 617 m² commercial space