competition, 1st prize

Bärnbach / Styria


The basic structure of the complex is two-storey, the amount of outdoor space increases in proportion to the size of the apartment. The small apartment, which has a  greater building depth, has the smallest garden.

The medium-sized apartment is two-storey and has a larger garden thanks to the reduced building depth. The largest apartment has an identical ground floor to the medium-sized dwelling. On the upper level it extends beyond the small apartment and as a result has an additional terrace above the (deep) small apartment.

The apartments in the two-storey plinth can be read through the various projections and recesses, in the flats above they are legible thanks to the line of the roof: a main beam in the roof ridge crosses each apartment diagonally.

invited competition 1992,
1st prize

Siedlungsgesellschaft Köflach

competition and first building stage together with Theo Lang

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz , Theo Lang, Richard Manahl
Maria Kirchweger, Martin Zechner

Paul Ott

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